This page is devoted to our trip to Bali in 2008, which will be the third visit to this beautiful island: 12 days in April 2001, 15 in October 2004, 20 this year, plus 3 days of travel AR. You will find, however, reminders of our previous experiences, which we have already made available a few dozen pictures (see links). The documents will be richer this time, because there will be excerpts from videos. While we were in our previous trips, travelling in couple, this time we are going with charming friends we became acquainted during a group trip to Italy, around Naples. With the same, we also discovered St Petersburg in June 2004. The preparation of this trip began in July 2007 by the booking of tickets. At the end of August, I proposed to our friends in a program of stay of 3 weeks and early September we have arrested the final content. The preparation was done as in previous years with the Agency Balinese BAM Tours (Wisata Batur Agung Multitama), which we were particularly pleased.
The trip was scheduled to begin March 27 and end on April 19, 2008. Unfortunately, our friend Bernard was a drop of a ladder 10 days before departure, which forced us, after medical advice, to postpone our departure almost two months. Thus we will leave May 17 and will be back on June 9.
The agency BAM Tours has been remarkable: no charge for the resumption of the programme, we had to change due to unavailability of our guide friend Astina. We had originally booked for 10 days and it was freer than two days in the new period. It is to find these two days, we have reversed the meaning of the circuit. For the air tickets (Thai Airways), a change in rates early May has led to charges, partially offset by the continued decline in the dollar, all prices of the stay were negotiated in that currency.
After presenting the program, we tried, over travel, to give news brief at the option of availability of Internet access, hoping to find some broadband lines. The finalization of this newspaper will be made in June-July. It is in progress: you subscribe to RSS and you should be informed of updates.

Itinerary and schedule of our stay.

Map Bali and itinerary / Bali Map, stays and road

Day 1-Saturday 17/05/08- Flight Paris-Bangkok
D2-Sunday 18/05/08-
Flight Bangkok-Bali Arrival at 14:00 /night Nusa Dua
D3-Mon 19- Tuesday 20/05/08 in Nusa Dua

D5- Wed 21-Sun 25/05/08- in Ubud
D5- Wednesday 21-Sunday 25/05/08- in Ubud

D10- Mon 26 – Tues 27/05/08- at Thana Lot (Meridien)
D12- Wednesday 28- Thursday 29/05/08- to Lovina
D14-30/05/08- Friday to Manggis
D15- Sam 31/05/08- to Tulamben
D16- Sunday 01 – Saturday 07/06/08- in Nusa Dua
D22-Sat 07/06/08- take off for Bangkok and Paris under 16: 20
D23-Sunday 08/06/08- arrival at Charles de Gaulle at 07:05

Why three trips to Bali, why stay longer and longer?

Bali is a small island, the tour is pretty quick. There are no impressive monuments , but its charm lies in its nature, vegetation, in its mild climate, with an almost constant temperature throughout the year (from 29 to 31 ° C). The sweetness of welcome, the friendliness of its people seduce visitors. The relief, rice fields, flowers provide them with serenity and relaxation. The temples and their attendance, offerings, which bring Balinese, reveal the religious fervour of the people. It is worth noting that while Indonesia is predominantly Muslim religion (88%), Bali is the exception: 80% of its inhabitants are Hindu faith, the remaining 20% being shared between Buddhists, Muslims, Catholics and protestants . If you do not like the rainy season – from November to March, you are left with April and October, months of transition, during which the rain is very discreet, and from May to August, the dry season. Bali has a high humidity, which we’ve supported in April and October. I can add in this update made after our return, we had several rainy days the first day of our trip, and that moisture has never been a problem.
During the second stay, we became friends with Ayu and her husband, who run the agency BAM, as well as our guide Astina invited to come to France in 2005, as reported by the blog that you find in the list of links .

How do we chose BAM for organising our first stay?

For the first time I had started preparing the trip with a French agency, which worked in one of my nieces. Four days of circuit, followed by 8 days in a hotel in Nusa Dua spotted on a brochure. My niece tells me that this hotel is not in its catalogue and that I must make my reservations directly. I shall therefore have a look on the site of this hotel and I send an email to ask what French agency can go to book a room (in the hope of getting lower prices than those presented on the site). I am told that the hotel does not work with French agency, but a Balinese agency with which he normally works shown me.

The next day the agency is reflected in an e-mail me and offering his services. Then a lengthy exchange of e-mails, which can gradually define the circuit and select hotels. The comparison with the French agency has resulted in « total price equivalent, but with the best rooms in top hotels. » It is also worth noting that the prices charged by BAM are usually lower than those charged on the Internet, exceptionally superior and, in this case, very little.

As everything was very well during this first trip, we kept BAM and taken over the same guide, Astina, which we were very satisfied.

The second trip was also a success. Also, the third was still prepared with Ayu, a pretty woman, director of BAM. The only flaw: as I have already written, Astina, free only 2 days, will be replaced by another guide the rest of the time.

Update 15/06/08: The third trip was also a success in terms of organization and operation of BAM.

How were structured our programs of stay in Bali?

A classic model seems to me there: 2 or 3 nights of rest after travelling a long time and with jet lag, a circuit for a few days (at least 4), a relaxing stay in a hotel on the seafront to complete and return to full form. The first two times, we did spend a night in Ubud, tourist center of the island. This time we have spent five nights (after the first three in Nusa Dua) and we try to discover its environs on foot, following routes proposed on: « 

“Promenade pedestre à UBUD”

Then the circuit with five stages one or two nights, in the sense clockwise. During the morning at 9:00, arriving at the hotel around 17:00; an excellent mini van, a very nice guide and a no less excellent driver. Lunches « en route » in small restaurants simple and cheap, as the guide choose for their site and the quality of food. We have never been disappointed in previous visits, we have not been this time either, even in situations of exploration. Throughout the roads: rice fields, a few lakes, temples, processions or celebrations, a magnificent vegetation.

Note written during the voyage: « ……… You can follow, I’m wifi, at least 3 days. But there will be few photos because it is an extreme slowness. »

Departure, flights and installation in Nusa Dua

We left home very early, 6:20. Raymond led us at the airport in Marsilia, where we join Charles de Gaulle Airport. Arriving at Marignane, we find that the train ticket back remained somewhere in the house. Tension between Michele and me. It never happens that we do not verify that we have all tickets before leaving! This time, it has not be done so. As foreign exchange company in Paris (Air France will increase by Thai Airways), the hostess refuses a direct recording baggage to Denpasar, because the company, which records the departure is responsible for the delivery of luggage to their destination registration. Tickets taken independently of one another allows them this refusal. Vol smoothly. It was not until we end.

Upon arrival, 9:30, I try to move the train station to see what can be done: apparently nothing more than to buy a return ticket.
We change Terminal (T1 to T4) with our luggage (approximately 45 kg in total): very painful time. We must take the shuttle CDGVal, a cut of fast train. Then find, with some difficulties Hall 4 and the Thai counter. Whew, everything is going well, check-in went well and we found Bernard and Christiane who came to be registered. We turn to boarding area around 10:00. Some purchases in duty-free gifts, a phone call to Bertrand, the travel specialist, to take care of forgotten ticket SNCF problem. I hope that the existence of a file on my SNCF account will facilitate things, provided a good explanation.

We embark and take off at about the time: 13:45. The flight was uneventful, impeccable service.

Arriving in Bangkok at 6:00, local time. Flight duration: 11 hours 15.

We will wait for our correspondence in a salon.

We embark on a Thai flight to Denpasar in 8:40.Flight OK, but we begin to feel tired.

Arriving at Ngurah Rai airport in Denpasar (Bali) 13:45, 15 minutes ahead of schedule. The formalities police are very fast, we retrieve our luggage immediately, we pass customs, with palaver: we have 6 bottles of champagne for 4 allowed! The Customs makes me read the regulation: 1 litre of alcohol per person. Whew! I pointed out that each bottle is 75 cl maxi, or 4.5 litres. It leaves us pass without retaining bottle.

On leaving the airport, at least a hundred agents tourist agencies expect their clients. But we do not see Astina. We will have to wait more than thirty minutes to see. We were out early and He did not see us. Pleasant meeting.

Arrival at Ngurah Rai airport in Denpasar (Bali), with Astina:

Arriving at Ngurah Rai airport in Denpasar (Bali)
Bali is sunny, humid heat: 32 degrees, which is a maxi for the island. Sitting photos, then boarding a vehicle that will lead us to the Melia hotel in Nusa Dua our first step. We are struck by the sharp increase in traffic, which is dense with a lot of scooters. Arriving at the hotel, Astina calls Ayu, with whom we will pay the BAM bill tomorrow afternoon.

We install. The good news is the hotel has WiFi: So news about the first 3 days are guaranteed.

18-19-20 Mai May 18-19-20

Hard to find time to prepare the blog: bathing in the sea.

Beach Nusa Dua_1
Walk along the beach and in hotel parks, and we are in a recognition of the hotel we will have at the end of our balines stay (the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel). It pleases everyone: we will not change our choice. Visit the new Shopping Center « Bali Collections ». We have the diner in this place. The Tropical, name of this restaurant is pleasant, a musician, a singer, very well presented seafood at very reasonable prices from less than 10 € per kg to 35 € / kg for lobster. If you come, remember it will take you to pray for entering the restaurant, the charming hostess, you’ll then get 10 to 20% off depending on the institution. The stay at Melia is very nice: the park is dense and beautiful, the food is excellent. Massage Sessions for Serge and Christiane. Serge will play golf with Sunset green fee: Departure is from 15:00 in the afternoon and you play until sunset, tariffs reduced by 50%. Caddy, car, bottles of fresh water (there is a small cooler at the rear of the car) for $ 77.

The bunkers at Nusa Dua Golf
The rate of exchange varies from one office to another change, still less attractive in hotels. The euro is changed between 13700 and 14525 Rp / euros, around $ 9000 Rp / $ resulting in approximately $ 1.55 / €. This is a good exchange rate for us.
Dinner at S: a paella Sorrento, which we appreciate
Musicians at Melia
Wednesday, May 21

Starts at 9:30 as planned. We have scheduled one-day visit for us to join Alam Shiwa of Ubud (car, guide and driver): Orchid Garden, batik workshop, Parc des Oiseaux, lunch in a restaurant near the village of Ubud, visit a traditional house, and visit to the Temple Pusah in Ubud: very beautiful temple. Wayan Sumandra is our young guide, nice and very pleasant, it expresses itself in a good french and includes English.  The driver, like all those we have had, shall consist only English. He is young and strong, what we need to handle our many and heavy baggages.

The Orchid Garden (Sanur)

dsc002181.jpg dsc002201.jpg
Beautiful flowers, especially orchids,
Flowers of the Garden Orchids
The workshop Batik,

Workshop manufacture of Batik Workshop manufacture of Batik
Flowers of the Garden Orchids

Le Parc des Oiseaux, The Parc des Oiseaux,

Some interesting varieties such as toucans, emus (or at least what looks like – if you specify the exact me please).

Toucan Emeu

Shame to see the most birds in a cage.  But there is a large aviary in which we circulate on a  bridge which can take a bit high.  We have witnessed a defence position by toucans against bird invading their branches.

Alongside this park, there is also that of reptiles, which we have not visited.

La maison traditionnelle, The traditional house,

It gives an idea of how to live from those of Balinese, who are not yet integrated into the circuit of modernity. There are still many Balinese who live chichement: agricultural workers rice paddies and those of small businesses.

Chamber of the traditional Balinese house dsc00345.jpg

The traditional drying rice, in front of the house,

The drying rice

The Temple Pueskah of Banuan,

One of the finest temples of Bali.  So far none of them made me feel that I felt. Is it because of the gilding, which I was not accustomed?  I rather remember left by our previous trips temples black and a little sad.

Temple Banuan _ Temple Banuan

Arrivée à l’Alam Shiwa, vers 16:30 Arrival at Alam Jiwa, around 16:30

We had reserved the subsequent Cendra Wasi, which I had seen the pictures on the internet. I wondered if it would correspond to our expectations? Well, yes, we are very happy of what we get: it is a « house » in volcanic stones 3 levels. I shall describe in detail, because  this small hotel is my strong recommendation. Whether furniture, space, environment, service, food, it is value for money, everything is fine. Also his style and atmosphere Balinese.  We must simply accept not find phone in the rooms or Internet access at the hotel.  But the shuttle will drop you, if you do not want to walk at approximately 1500 meters, at the coffee shop Pundi-Pundi, where the connection wi-fi is free, subject to consume.

Access Cendra Wasi Access Cendra Wasi Entree Cendra Wasi

At the ground-floor room a lounge on a surface of at least 90 m2, a « king-size bed, air conditioning, not to mention a balcony,

Cendra Wasi King size bed ground floor lounge and Cendra Wasi ground floor lounge

a large bathroom, toilet,

Cendra Wasi ground floor bathroom Cendra Wasi ground floor bathroom

the first floor, a room-salon approximately 100m2 (I have not typed too much zero !), a « king-size bed » with a canopy bed sky very local color, a bathroom with toilet A separate sink.

Cendra Wasi 1st Floor King size bed canopy Cendra Wasi 1st Floor lit the sky

A lounge with a large bed a person, canopy too,

Cendra Wasi 1st floor lounge party Cendra Wasi 1st Floor party room bed with someone

Jeudi 22 Mai Thursday, May 22

In-ground garden, a dining room-kitchen about 60 m2 (you can cook) with balcony.  The furniture and decoration style Balinese are very good. The breakfasts or meals you are served by a staff of four servers very smiling.
Cendra Wasi garden Dining Cendra Wasi garden Dining

Cendra Wasi breakfast arrives Cendra Wasi breakfast

Cendra Wasi Petite lunch

Perfect soundproofing between floors. Baskets of fruit abundantly stocked. Mini-bars-year rooms. No air conditioning on the first floor, but no problem in temperature at night. No TV, no internet. Environment rice paddies and lush vegetation.
No mosquito problems: we burn a tape baygon in the late afternoon and use our net.

Environment Cendra Wasi Environment Cendra Wasi

Calm and truly Balinese.  The pool is surrounded by jungle. It is very pleasant, afternoon tea and a piece of cake you are served with the compliments of management.

Alam Shiwa pool Alam Shiwa pool

Price via Ayu (BAM) for this suite: $ 195 per night (about 125 € / night) for 4 / 5 persons breakfasts, taxes and service included. The number of bungalows is limited, 4 or 5 only comparable styles (I visited two rooms very pleasant, prices between 65 and $ 95, same conditions). The remoteness from the centre of Ubud is about 10 minutes, but a shuttle takes you and you just look. At your convenience, if you notify in advance. The first day we had scheduled a walk.  Unfortunately, it rained so hard that we had to change our program. The shuttle, therefore, dropped us at the Museum Antonio Blanco.

The Museum Mario Blanco (

Garden Musee Antonio Blanco Entrance to the Musee Antonio Blanco

The photos are prohibited inside the museum. On the hill Campuan, in a park where are concentrated, inter alia, the Museum itself, the former studio of the painter, his son Mario and the family home. The works of Antonio Blanco are set out in the main body of the museum, while the son works are set in two adjoining rooms.  Antonio Blanco was a Spanish painter, original, often called the Dali of Bali, very nude oriented . Born in 1911, he died in 1999 at Bali (one year after the opening of the Museum), where he arrived in 1952 and married a Balinese dancer with whom he had four children. We all very much appreciated this visit.

The Lotus Cafe
Then we went to walk the Café Lotus (it rained) and the temple, which lies at the end of the garden. On the main track East-West north of the city, this cafe is worth visiting for its lotus ponds at the rear of which is the Saraswati temple.

The coffee Lotus Watersheds Lotus Café Lotus

We learned that a dinner-dance performance would be given on Saturday evening May 24. We selected our table without hesitation.  But the said day,  it was raining!  The show was given a room, instead of being on a stage,at  the end of the garden, behind the lotus ponds with the temple as a background.  We contented dinner, calling the dinner-show overnight in the hope of good weather.  The meal was hearty and good, accompanied by a wine from Chile.  Two hundred and twenty five thousand rupees per person,  including service, taxes and gratuities, or 15.5 € / p.

The Temple Sarawasti
Very beautiful temple, very compact. Dedicated to the goddess of education:

Temple Sarawasti 1 Temple Sarawasti 2

Une fois la visite du temple terminée, la navette est venue me reprendre tandis que Michèle et nos amis faisaient quelques achats. After visiting the temple is completed, the shuttle came to take me while Michele and our friends were doing some shopping. La navette les a récupérés un peu plus tard, à l’heure convenue. The shuttle has recovered a little later, at the agreed time. Le soir la navette nous a déposés au restaurant Mozaïc (très recommandé) à 19:15 et récupérés à 22:00. The evening commute was tabled at the restaurant Mozaïc (very recommended) at 19:15 and recovered at 22:00. Le vendredi, elle nous a déposé au point de départ de notre promenade: un circuit découvert sur internet à (Autour de la crête de Campuhan…). On Friday, she filed the starting point of our tour: a circuit found on the Internet at (Around the crest of Campuhan…). Elle est venu nous recherché lorsque le guide l’a appelée. It has come when we sought the guide was called.

Le repas au Mozaïc: The meal at Mozaïc:

Ce restaurant, créé par un cuisinier franco-américain, Chris Salans, est l’une des deux meilleures tables d’Ubud (selon le petit futé), présente dans le recueil “Les Grandes Tables du Monde”. This restaurant, created by a Franco-American cook, Chris Salans, is one of the best two tables Ubud (as the small smart), introduced in the collection « Les Grandes Tables du Monde ». Nous avions réservé par internet deux mois avant notre départ. We had booked via the Internet two months before our departure. La procédure est sérieuse(site: , e-mail:{mozaic}). The procedure is serious (site:, e-mail: ()). Comme il est possible d’apporter ses bouteilles de vin, moyennant un droit de bouchon (environ 8€/b), nous avions un Chablis et une bouteille de champagne, prises en duty-free à CDG. As it is possible to make its wine bottles, with a right to cap (about € 8 / b) we had a Chablis and a bottle of champagne, made duty-free at CDG. Les repas ne sont servis que le soir. The meals are served that evening. S’il ne pleut pas, on dîne aux chandelles dans le jardin, sinon en terrasse couverte. If it does not rain, dinner by candlelight in the garden, if a covered terrace. Trois menus, dont le menu “Surprise”. Three menus, whose menu « Surprise ». Celui que nous avons pris. That we have made. Pour quatre personnes, chaque service (il y en a au moins 6) comprend le même plat pour deux personnes , un autre plat pour les deux autres. For four people, each service (there are at least 6) includes the same dish for two persons, another flat for the other two. Après l’énoncé du contenu de l’assiette, des échanges se font éventuellement entre convives. After stating the contents of the base, exchanges are possible between diners. Les mets révèlent des saveurs très originales et très agréables. The dish tastes reveal very original and very enjoyable. Elles sont pour la quasi totalité, très appréciées. They are almost all very appreciated. Les produits sont de première qualité. The products are first class. Le service est irréprochable et rapide, mais le repas dure néanmoins deux heures et demi. The service is impeccable and fast, but nevertheless the meal lasts two and a half hours. Arrivez donc en avance, si vous voulez prendre le temps d’un cocktail décontracté. Arrive in advance, therefore, if you want to take the time to a casual cocktail. Le style du décor est “design”. The style of decoration is « design ». C’est là que nous avons commencé à souhaiter un bon anniversaire à Bernard (75 ans le 23). This is where we began to wish a happy birthday to Bernard (75 years 23).

Excellent rapport qualité-prix: nous avons réglé 50€/personne (vins apportés, pourboire inclus). Excellent value for money: we set € 50 per person (wine made, tip included).

MOZAIC Salon Mozaic

Table Garden Hall covered

A surprise dishes on the menu A dish on the menu surprise 2

A dish on the menu surprise 4
Vendredi 23 Mai Friday, May 23

Le temps est beau, même si le ciel montre quelques nuages un peu gris, annonciateurs d’averses probables.Nous partons pour nôtre promenade, accompagné de Wayan. The weather is beautiful, even if the sky shows few clouds a little gray, harbingers of rain probables.Nous leave for our walk, accompanied by Wayan. La navette nous dépose à la limite nord d’Ubud, à Campuhan, près de l’hôtel Ibah Luxury Villas. The shuttle us off at the northern edge of Ubud, Campuhan, near the hotel Ibah Luxury Villas. L’itinéraire est celui indiqué par le site The route is the one indicated by the site
(Si vous ne tombez pas sur les itinéraires, il faut cliquer sur Bali puis sur “Carnet de voyage” enfin sur “Centre). (If you do not fall on routes, click on Bali and then on « Trip » finally « Centre).

A l’entrée de l’hôtel prenez à gauche et passez le pont. At the hotel entrance turn left and cross the bridge. Vous serez sur un chemin de dalles carrées en pierre volcanique: une piste de rêve, sur un crête surplombant deux vallées encaissées, celles des rivières Sungai Wos et Sungai Cerik. You’ll be on a path of square stone slabs volcanic: a dream runway on a ridge overlooking two valleys, the rivers and Sungai Sungai Wos Cerik. les panoramas sont superbes, la randonnée est facile. the views are superb, hiking is easy.

The bridge Campuhan Crête de Campuhan
Au premier plan, l’herbe à éléphants, utilisée pour les toits In the foreground grass elephants, used for roofs

panorama hike Campuhan panaorama of the hike Campuhan

Une fleur timide : lorsque l’on touche à ses feuilles, celles-ci se rétractent. A flower shy: when touching its leaves, they would recant. Regardez ces deux photos. Look at these two pictures.

Sur la seconde bien des feuilles que nous venons de toucher ont disparu. On the second well that leaves us just touch disappeared.

The flower shy The flower timid 2

Fleurs et rizières font partie du plaisir des yeux. Flowers and rice paddies are part of the pleasure of the eyes. Puis un peu de route en dur avant la récupération. Then a little hard road before recovering.
Trees and Flowers Hike Campuhan, after the runway, rice paddies

Hike Campuhan, after the runway Recovery of hikers

Après-midi de relaxe, puis dîner à Cendra Wasi, la maison. Afternoon of acquittal, then dinner at Cendra Wasi, home. Aujourd’hui, c’est le jour de l’anniversaire de Bernard, que nouq avions déjà commencé à lui souhaiter hier soir au Mozaïc. Today is the day of the anniversary of Bernard, nouq that had already begun to wish him yesterday evening at Mozaïc. Il aura la surprise de voir arrivé, au dessert, un gaâteau au chocolat, comme il les aime. He will be surprised to see come to dessert, a chocolate gaâteau, as he likes. Avec des bougies en prime! With candles in primetime!

Birthday Bernard 1 Dinner anniversary Bernard 2

Birthday Bernard 3 Birthday Bernard 4

La suite sera placée sur la page Bali_2008_p2, que je vous invite à visiter en cliquant sur ce lien . The rest will be placed on the page Bali_2008_p2, which I invite you to visit by clicking on a link. A venir sur cette nouvelle page: Coming up on this new page:

- Seconde promenade au nord d’Ubud (24) — Second parkway north of Ubud (24)

- La Forêt aux Singes (Monkeys Forest) (25) — The Forest Apes (Monkeys Forest) (25)

- Déjeuner au Pundi-Pundi, un restaurant avec accès wi-fi gratuit, celui qui me permet cette mise à jour) — Lunch at Pundi-Pundi, a restaurant with access wi-fi free, allowing me this update)

-Nous retrouverons ensuite Astina pour deux jours de visite autour d’Ubud et autour de Kuta(26-27). – We then find Astina for two-day visit around Ubud and around Kuta (26-27). Nous serons lundi soir au Méridien Nirwana, près du Tanah Lot Temple We will be Monday evening at the Meridien Nirwana, near the Tanah Lot Temple

- Trajet Méridien-Lovina — Route Méridien-Lovina

- 2 jours à Lovina: un dîner au Bamboo, une excursion (Singaraja- Chute de Gitgit- 1 Temple – 1 Temple Bouddhiste – un déjeuner de poisson grillé au bord de la plage – une baignade pour Serge – 2 Temples – 1 dîner au Rangoon Sunset) — 2 days Lovina: a dinner at Bamboo, an excursion (Singaraja-tumble Gitgit Temple-1 – 1 Buddhist Temple – a lunch of grilled fish on the beach – a bathing Serge – 2 Temples – 1 dinner in Rangoon Sunset)

- Trajet Lovina-Manggis: Kintamani – Lac et mont Batur – Temple de Besakih au pied du Mont Agung – déjeuner – Patung: vue sur la baie de Candidasa – Rizières – arrivée au Puri Bagus Manggis – diner au Puri Bagus de Candidasa. — Route Lovina-Manggis: Kintamani – Lake and Mount Batur – Besakih Temple at the foot of Mount Agung – lunch – Patung: overlooking the Bay of Candidasa – Rice – arrival in Puri Bagus Manggis – dinner at Puri Bagus of Candidasa.

- Trajet Manggis-Tulamben: le Parc aquatique du bord de mer-le Palais de Maskerdam- de maginfiques rizières-Amed- les gamins arnaqueurs! — Route Manggis-Tulamben: Water Park seaside-the Palais de Maskerdam-maginfiques rice-Amed the kids scammers!

- Tulamben : les 50 ans de mariage de Christiane et Bernard c’est ce jour là! — Tulamben: 50 years of marriage Christiane Bernard this day!
- Trajet Tulamben-Nusa Dua: Jardin aquatique de Tirta Gangga- Pura Goa Lawah et ses chauves-souris – le village d’artisans de Tenganan- Klung Kung et son palais de justice- un belge fabrique des meubles en teckà Bali. — Route Tulamben-Nusa Dua: Garden Aquatic Tirta Gangga-Pura Goa Lawah and bats – the village of Tenganan artisans-Klung Kung and courthouses-a Belgian manufacturer of furniture teckà Bali.

- Fin du séjour à Nusa Dua- le golf de Nusa Dua et ses bunkers et obstacles d’eau – le tour de chant d’Astina- une petite pièce avec des danses balinaises. — End of stay-at Nusa Dua golf Nusa Dua and its bunkers and water obstacles – around singing Astina-a small room with Balinese dances.

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